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Why are you doing the thing? 

Asari:For peace.
Salarians:For science.
Turians:For order.
Krogan:For battle.
Volus:For money.
Humans:I dunno it sounded cool at the time.
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Middle Earth Travel Posters - Created by The Green Dragon Inn

Prints are available for sale on Etsy.

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Boardwalk Empire opening → True Detective style

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Heartwarming love in the freezing cold: A polar bear mother cuddles up with her cub 

Proud mum showed off her baby at Novosibirsk Zoo in Russia by showering it with affection and cuddles

Mother Gerda lovingly rolled around in the cold snow nestling her daughter into her chest

The photographs were taken by photographer Vera Salnitskaya, 29

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Happy Wedding Anniversary | April 22nd

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U r beautiful and ur gonna do great today


U r beautiful and ur gonna do great today

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You are in an open field. On one side of you is a deep pit, filled with bones and ashes and hellish things. On the other side is your house, yours sons, the Fjord, and the sunlight is striking the snow high on the mountains. If you want to reach your house, then you must push the baby out as Freya would. Let him rip you, but push out. Choose life.

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Come and join us, Priest” 

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